Saturday, March 24, 2012

Polish Rings!

I'm back this time round, to introduce to you.....yup, polish rings! If you have liked my FB page (go like it now!), you would have spotted this album titled polish rings and seen them! 

So, I have been a nail polish fanatic for quite awhile actually, nearly a year I guess? I follow a lot of bloggers all over the world, especially those in the States! Then I started seeing a few sellers selling polish rings, and I really wanted to own them! It is such an innovative way to wear polish on yourself, without the hassle of removing and changing to match another outfit! That's why I decided to make polish rings, along with my fellow polish fanatic friend! 

To understand polish rings better, you have to know the materials involved! We use glass beads and their respective settings to make them! The glass beads will magnify anything you place underneath it, thus amplifying the effects of the polish! You will be able to see all the color shift, the shiny glitters, the dazzling flakies, and best of all, the dramatic effect of holographic polish! 

Time and patience are required to make them, thus it takes at least 2 days to get them completed! All of these rings are lovingly handmade by us, and we want you to have the best that we can provide! We will be able to take in customization of rings, you just have to let us know the polish you want! Of course, we need to have the polish that you have in mind too.....LOL!

Well, enough of my ramblings, on with some pictures! 

The coveted OPI Rainbow Connection with a black base! 

This actually consists of 3 colors!
China Glaze Fairy Dust, OPI Black Shatter, OPI Alphine Snow! 
Can you spot the pink holographic polish ring in the background too? Gorgeous! 

NYX Blue Eyed Girl with black base! 

My personal favourite, Gosh Holographic. Look at that rainbow!! 

And a photo courtesy of a customer who bought them and uploaded on Facebook! Janet! 

Other than these, we actually have 4 different settings for you to choose from! 

20mm round bronze setting.
18mm by 25mm oval setting.
25mm round bronze setting.
25mm round silver setting. 

They are all adjustable, so you do not have to worry that they won't fit on your fingers! They are all at $10 each, inclusive of free normal postage!

However, if the creative side of you would like to give it a try, we also sell the materials separately for you! You can mix and match any 3 sets of settings with their respective glass beads, for only $10 with normal postage! We will enclose instructions for you to follow and DIY your very own polish ring! 

Yes, also with the pretty little organza bags so that you can gift these special DIY rings you have made for others as well! 

For registered mail, it will be a flat rate of $2!  (:

To order or any other enquiries, you just have to email me at, and let me know!

BUT, that's not the end of it!!! 
I have a special promotion going on, just for all of you now!

Quote "ilovepolishring" in your order, and receive a 20% discount on your total purchase! 

This promotion will end by end of April, so do hurry and make your order today!!! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Galaxy Nails!

I have posted this on Twitter and Facebook about a week ago when I did this set of galaxy nails for myself, and I would like to thank everyone for liking it! I like this set a lot too! I have always wanted to try doing galaxy nails, but I am extremely lazy and, uninspired most of the time, thus sporting less elaborate nail designs most of the time. But I finally plucked my courage and did it, and I am quite satisfied with it too! On with the pictures!

This is the picture I posted up on Twitter and Facebook. I took it in the lift when I was heading out to do my hair. Out of topic, I have red highlights now and love it! 

As you can see from the picture, I "cheated" and did planet nails in between the galaxy nails, because I was afraid that I will fail somewhere! Planets do fit in the theme too, yes? Haha! 

Another angle to show nearly all my fingers! I used different colors as you can see, and my right thumb looks like the galaxy exploded, oops! It's not as difficult as it looks, just patience and visualising the kind of image that you want to portray! Having images as references make it easier too! There are tons of tutorials out there so I shall not bore you further!

Last picture of the day! I like my pinkies the most actually!

Polishes I used:
China Glaze - Smokes and Ashes : This is my base color! 
China Glaze - Fairy Dust : To layer on the black areas at the end to make it look more starry! 

And because I was afraid I would mess it up, I actually used acrylic colors for everything else so that if I am not happy with the look, I can just wash it off easily! The main colors I used were:
White, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Pink! 
For the planets: Blue, Silver, Gold

I will be partnering Mynte Fingers this Saturday at Scape Level 4 (24 March), from 2-8pm! Do email me to book your appointments! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Picture inspired manicure!

This is the picture that was shown to me as reference for the manicure:

With that, we decided on a nude base with pastel hearts on the fingers, and additional pink bow on the thumbs! There were people who actually thought it was stickers on the nails because of the nude base! Hmmm...

And a close up on the thumb! 

I will be opening slots for a few days for March! Stay tuned!