Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gel Polish: Spotted in Pastels

You'll be familiar with this design, because I did a similar design for Amanda a few weeks back. However this time round, we followed the original design from Nail Art Express closely!

I used ACG In Bloom for the nude half moons, then AngelPro #25(blue), #9 (yellow), #21 (pink) and #31 (brown) for the spots, then #47 (white) for the lace on top of the half moons.

Then I added a mint and pink embossed ribbons with crystal on the index and ring fingers, and gold beads framing embossed hearts on the thumb!

I love the overall look, super sweet!

Gel Polish: Gold Christmas

Jingwen came by to do her nails for Christmas, and decided on a very elegant design! Back base with gold snowflakes, and an accent nail of white base with black french tips and simple gold laces for the ring finger. Okay, that was a mouthful!

I used AngelPro Gelly #27 for the black base, #47 for the white, and Brite Gold for the snowflakes and lace! I was a little worried at first about the gold not good enough for such details, but it turned out well enough!

I love the look of this set, very elegant and classy, and still suitable even after the Christmas period!

Gel Polish: Framed laces

Jan, a good friend of Melissa, decided to book an appointment to beautify her nails for an event! She was thinking of a vintage theme, so I suggested a light pink base color, with some simple laces and frames on the thumb, which she readily agreed!

To be honest, I get a little worried when customers leave everything for me to decide, especially when they're new customers! I have yet to grasp their style and taste, so it gets a little tough!

The frames on the thumbs are not new, I did a similar design for Carol's bridal pedi previously ( and several other brides too after....). We switched it up a little by putting J in the frame (her initial), and the silhouette on the other!

I used AngelPro Gelly #39 (light pink) for the base, then #27 (black) for the laces and outline of the frames, and then #47 (white) for the base color of the frame!

Details for the lace can be so much better, but I wanted to see how gel polish will work for such simple lace design....I guess I should have stuck with black acrylic paint for a better effect! But otherwise, I think it's a pretty nice set, I wouldn't mind having the set on myself! What say you? (:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Gel Polish: A little of everything

I should have made the connection when I saw the name, but it didn't occur to me at that time! Linghui was from the same secondary school that I went to, and I was surprised to see her when she came for the appointment. I wouldn't really have noticed either, but she said hi!

So anyway, her nails were rather weak from peeling off her previous gelish manicure, and I tried my best to be gentle! She requested a mixture of Christmas design, a snowman on the thumb, some snowflakes, reindeer, and glitter as well!

I used AngelPro Gelly #34 for the red, #47 for the white, ACG With It for the green and Orly FX Luxe for the gold.

It's a pretty interesting mixture, and very festive too!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Melissa's holiday nails!

Melissa dropped by the night before she jets off to USA to visit her boyfriend and have a super merry Christmas and new year!

So.....I have already collected new colors and glitters from AngelPro Gelly, and excitedly showed Melissa, because I know she likes glitters! She fell in love with AP #139, a super pretty teal glitter with string glitters too! So, we decided to do a glitter gradient for the festive season, and added in snowflakes on all the nails, and a flying reindeer on the thumb!

Here it is, look at how the glitter shines! Super pretty! It is a little chunky, so 2 layers of Topcoat will make it smoother and not as gritty to touch! Bt otherwise, all's good! I used AngelPro Gelly #47 (white) for the art.

I love the final look of the Melissa's nails, I hope she does too!

Gel Polish: Christmas Prints

Esther showed me this perfect looking set of nail art from a Japanese nailist on Instagram: luvnail, and my heart sank a little. The prints are rather small and detailed, and my wrist was not working as well as I like it to...... But of course, I tried my best with it!

This is the original picture, look at how crazy perfect they look, plus the nail bed is small...amazeballs!

So....Esther decided to alternate the designs like the original design, but instead of the half white tip with heart stud, she decided to do a simple white tip gradient to have the snowy effect! I used AngelPro Gelly #34 for red, #47 for white, and Harmony Gelish Waterfields for the glitter!

What do you think? I'm pretty happy about the general look... But lines can be straighter and neater, details can be better too.... Maybe I'll revisit this design again!

Gel Polish: Flowers Galore

This is a long overdued post, ): My apologies!

Jocelyn dropped by and was spoilt for choices with the many designs! She finally decided on this floral design that Ying has done numerous times! I did a mixture of designs, and it came out looking really sweet!

I used AngelPro Gelly #11 for the base color, and then #21 (pink) and #47(white) for the roses, then #10 (green) for the leaves. There's a mixture of French and half moon, and it looks pretty matched.

As for the thumbs, I did a heart bouquet of roses, with a Cupid sticker perched on top of it! Super cute!

Lastly, an embossed rose for the ring finger with an assortment of gold bullion beads and crystals.

I love the overall look, how about you? (:

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I have been busy! With school work (at SIM and Pink Room), with appointments, and thus.... the lack of updates and blogging! I'm so sorry about that, I'll be back soon, promise!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2013 Chinese New Year

Please take your time to read through the following before making your appointment for CNY 2013!

Limited services are available during the CNY period (26/01/2013  - 09/02/2013): 
Express manicure                                                                                       
Express pedicure
Gel manicure 
Gel pedicure 
Soak off removal

CNY Surcharge
26/01/2013 - 01/02/2013
$3 per service

02/02/2013 - 09/02/2013
$5 per service

As per usual booking procedure, a deposit(pre-payment) according to the services booked will be required to confirm your appointment;
Express manicure $6
Express pedicure $10
Gel manicure $35
Gel pedicure $35
CNY surcharge of $3/$5 per service depending on date of appointment.

Nail art and soak-off will be charged accordingly on the day of appointment.

Do take note that your deposit will be forfeited under the following circumstances:
- No-show on actual day
- Cancellation/Change of date & timing (slot is transferable for the same services)
- Lateness that makes it impossible to complete services booked



CNY 2013 appointment booking

Name *

Phone *

Email *

Date & Time *

Services (Manicure) *

Add-ons (Manicure) *

 Nail Art 
 Soak-off Removal 

Services (Pedicure) *

Add-ons (Pedicure) *

 Nail Art 
 Soak-off Removal 

Dingxuan's nails - Rainbow Zebra Stripes

Prior to the appointment, Dingxuan shortlisted and sent me 3 designs as below!

Somehow, I had a feeling that she will pick the rainbow stripes design, and she did! I guess I'm starting to learn more of her style.....I GUESS ONLY! This design is taken from Nails by Kayla Shevonne, and it was done with bright neon colors, super pretty!

So anyway, her nails are of a much better condition this time round after using Harmony Vitagel Maximum Nail Strengthener, and a lot of willpower to not peel her nails! Super proud of her, haha!

I used AngelPro Gelly #23 (hot pink), #18 (orange), #9 (yellow), #10 (green), #25 (blue) and #17 (purple) for the rainbow base, and then #29 (black) for the zebra stripes! The colors are not as neon as the original design, but still pretty striking!

I'm not very good with drawing zebra stripes, so please excuse me if you find that it doesn't remind you of zebra stripes!

I love it very much, and am contemplating doing a rainbow-base for my own manicure next, hmm......

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hello to all of you!

If you have noticed, there has been changes at my Service Menu, and new prices and services available will take effect as of 1 January 2013.

A new year, a new start, I would say!

There will be an increase in prices for certain services, to better reflect my qualification level and experiences in this field. As of September 2012, I have gained certification in manicure, acrylic and gel extensions by my nail academy, Pink Room; therefore please be assured that your pampering sessions with me will not be anything less than satisfactory. With the new service menu, I will be able to offer more services to you; embossed art, acrylic extension, gel pedicure!

As well as, as 2012 comes to an end, it means that Chinese New Year will be round the corner. I will be releasing the available slots very soon.

I thank all of you for the continuous support thus far; for being incredibly loyal and appreciative. I look forward to seeing all of you soon!