Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gel Polish: Framed laces

Jan, a good friend of Melissa, decided to book an appointment to beautify her nails for an event! She was thinking of a vintage theme, so I suggested a light pink base color, with some simple laces and frames on the thumb, which she readily agreed!

To be honest, I get a little worried when customers leave everything for me to decide, especially when they're new customers! I have yet to grasp their style and taste, so it gets a little tough!

The frames on the thumbs are not new, I did a similar design for Carol's bridal pedi previously ( and several other brides too after....). We switched it up a little by putting J in the frame (her initial), and the silhouette on the other!

I used AngelPro Gelly #39 (light pink) for the base, then #27 (black) for the laces and outline of the frames, and then #47 (white) for the base color of the frame!

Details for the lace can be so much better, but I wanted to see how gel polish will work for such simple lace design....I guess I should have stuck with black acrylic paint for a better effect! But otherwise, I think it's a pretty nice set, I wouldn't mind having the set on myself! What say you? (:

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