Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gel Polish: Flowers Galore

This is a long overdued post, ): My apologies!

Jocelyn dropped by and was spoilt for choices with the many designs! She finally decided on this floral design that Ying has done numerous times! I did a mixture of designs, and it came out looking really sweet!

I used AngelPro Gelly #11 for the base color, and then #21 (pink) and #47(white) for the roses, then #10 (green) for the leaves. There's a mixture of French and half moon, and it looks pretty matched.

As for the thumbs, I did a heart bouquet of roses, with a Cupid sticker perched on top of it! Super cute!

Lastly, an embossed rose for the ring finger with an assortment of gold bullion beads and crystals.

I love the overall look, how about you? (:

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