Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jazz your nails for Christmas 2012!

Yes! Christmas is coming, and I have updated my slots all the way till 31 December.......So hurry and book your appointments! 

Meanwhile, I have been busy with school, appointments, and buying new gel polishes to add on to my mini stash! I promise to blog a bit more! I just changed the blog layout, hope it's not too confusing! Booking of appointments is now done via form as well, hope everything will be smoother! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gel Polish: Flower Strips

Jingwen had a hard time choosing the base color for her manicure, but we soon narrowed down to this pretty red-toned purple from AngelPro! Before the appointment, she had already informed me that she would like to have floral designs for her manicure!

This is not a new design, but I still love it, especially the thumbs!

Personally, I'm not a fan of the color purple as it doesn't complement my skin tone (very tanned), but I have to admit the color combination looks yummy on her nails!

I will be updating my November slots soon, do look out for them!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Gel Polish: Flower Power

Melissa dropped by and was spoilt for choice after looking at various designs!

In the end, she settled for a design found in one of the nail mag that has funky French nails filled with flowers!

We went for colorful floral stickers, and it was fun matching them on her pretty nails! It looks like a flower riot on her nails!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gel Polish: Fiona's Aztec nails in Blue

Fiona showed me this picture, taken from a blogger (Jolene) who did her nails at Simplicity Nails in June!

Unfortunately, Fiona knocked her middle finger the day before, and it broke in the middle of the nail bed. I suggested to cut it to prevent any further damage (split further in), and we are sad to let the nail go.....

That aside, I tried to squeeze in as much details as I can (and ended up just squeezing everything in lol), and this is the final result!

Super grateful for a customer like Fiona, who comes on time (in fact earlier because she was worried she will get lost), super patient, and she stays in Bedok! I was trying to be faster since she still have to drive home, but drawing with gel polish can't be hurried since we have to do by layers!

She was so sweet to drop me a thank you email after she got home, I should say thank you instead Fiona! (:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gel Polish: in Love

This was a request to combine 2 different designs done by Nail Art Express previously as seen below!

I recreated the design with a pale lilac base color from Angelpro, and did a watercolor accent nail with pink and blue. The effect was to be abstract flowers, but due to the color combination, it turned out to be very "watercolor"!

Then I used different floral stickers for the rest of the fingers except the thumb, and framed them with dots!

Cherubs on the thumbs with a heart in a thought bubble above them, and it's done!

I think it's a super dreamy set, and the color makes it suitable for work too, not too loud!

Monday, October 1, 2012

my little pony: rainbow dash x fluttershy

Recently, my little pony (the cartoon series) has been gaining much attention and popularity! My cousins love the cartoon a lot, and the theme song is ringing in my head right now!

So I wasn't surprised when my sister wanted me to do a MLP set of nails for her, and she even designed them, taking inspirations from screen caps an nail pictures!

I ha great fun doing this set, cuz it's really colorful and cute!

Friendship is magic!!!

Do you like them? I love this set a lot, and I would totally love to do the other ponies as well....Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, and Twilight Sparkle!


Sherilyn wanted to have Aztec prints on her nails, and she found this picture on Instagram that she really liked!

Instead of the rainbow sponged background in the original design, we decided on just using white, blue, purple and black!

Sherilyn has super long nail beds (maybe because she's super tall that's why?!), and thus I could put in more details than usual!

To be honest, I feel that Aztec prints are getting out of trend, but I keep getting requests for them!

One last spam!

I enjoyed myself while doing this set, and I guess, nothing makes me happier than when I hear a customer saying that she loves the nail art I have done!

Gel Polish: Little Twin Stars

Chiao Ling dropped by to do her anticipated little twin stars set of nails!

After removing her previous set of gelish, we proceeded with doing the cute characters Kiki and Lala! FYI, they're siblings!

With the pretty pastel colors from Angelpro, I didn't have trouble getting the color scheme right!

Look, aren't they cute?! I should have done the faces a bit rounder, they're a little too squarish.....

If I have time, I will do them on my toes next time!

Gel Polish Pedi: Framed

Carol dropped by Ying's place to get her bridal nails and toes done! I love working at Ying's, cuz we get to "share" a customer sometimes, and it makes the whole experience faster! Carol is also a fellow student at Pink Room!

After Ying was done prepping Carols's nails and get started on doing the 3D Betty Boobs (2 of them!), I took over and start on Carol's toes!

Carol requested for nail art that Ying has done before, and this is how it looks like.

Initially I was a little worried cuz the details are a bit intricate, and I haven't really used gel polish to do such art before! But Carol was super patient, and this is the final look! We did a bit of modification as well due to "space" constraint as well"

I think the overall look is very....dainty and classy at the same time, and I hope Carol managed to flaunt her nails and toes!

After the art was done, I proceeded on with the spa treatment to pamper her feet! It includes foot scrub, massage, and hydrating heated foot mask, leaving the feet fairer and much much softer!