Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gel Polish: Fiona's Aztec nails in Blue

Fiona showed me this picture, taken from a blogger (Jolene) who did her nails at Simplicity Nails in June!

Unfortunately, Fiona knocked her middle finger the day before, and it broke in the middle of the nail bed. I suggested to cut it to prevent any further damage (split further in), and we are sad to let the nail go.....

That aside, I tried to squeeze in as much details as I can (and ended up just squeezing everything in lol), and this is the final result!

Super grateful for a customer like Fiona, who comes on time (in fact earlier because she was worried she will get lost), super patient, and she stays in Bedok! I was trying to be faster since she still have to drive home, but drawing with gel polish can't be hurried since we have to do by layers!

She was so sweet to drop me a thank you email after she got home, I should say thank you instead Fiona! (:

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