Friday, November 30, 2012

Gel Polish: My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie

Yvonne mentioned that she couldn't decide between doing aztec designs, little twin star, or my little pony nail art when she booked the appointment.

On the day of appointment, she quickly decided on MLP because she really likes them, and wanted Rainbow Dash, and either Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie! We decided on Pinkie Pie in the end because of the cuter color scheme, and I took reference from a picture that my sister happened to saved on my iPad!

All the art are done with AngelPro Gelly Polishes, and I used a lot of them!

For the Rainbow Dash set, I used #25(blue) for the base color, #9(yellow), #10(green), #17(purple), #35(red), #29(black), #47(white) for the remaining art.

For the Pinkie Pie set, I used #39(light pink) for the base color, #21(pink) for the hair, #23(hot pink) for outlines. #9(yellow), #29(black), #47(white), #25(blue) for the rest of the art.

It's a really cute set, and I'm glad Yvonne liked how it turned out. I took a longer time for the head of Pinkie Pie because of the layers! But overall I was quite pleased with my speed, yay!

Now....who's up for the remaining 3 ponies? :P

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gel Polish: Bridal slant-french with pearls

Weezi wanted to keep her set of bridal nails simple, so I suggested a simple slant-french lined with silver glitter and pearls on top. She decided on having the French in pink to match her gown, and it turns out looking very sweet!

I used Harmony Desert Sands for the shimmery nude base color, and AngelPro Gelly #39 for the pink french, finally lining the french with a shiny silver from Brite.

I recommended adding an accent nail with 2 sizes of pearls covering the whole nail, and she readily agreed! It was a design from Nail Art Express. The original design was a half moon, but Weezi has a smaller canvas for me to work with, so we went for the look on the whole nail. As for the thumb, we decided on this ribbon made with pearls to complete the whole look!

I think the whole set oozes elegance! It's simple yet classy, very sweet!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gel Polish: Happy Spots!

Amanda came to remove her previous set with the bunny mostly intact on her thumb and ribbons all still pretty on the rest of the fingers! This time, she decided to do a design based on Nail Art Express's September nail wheel!

The original design was done on a nude base with a pastel color scheme for the spots, however Amanda doesn't like nude, this I switched to a white base for her with "pop" colors for the spots (hence the title!).

I used AngelPro Gelly #47 (white) for the base, #9 (yellow), #11 (blue), #23 (pink) for the spots and lined them with #30 (brown). Then I used black acrylic paint for the lace details.

I pulled out my collection of Sha Nail Stickers (it has been updated with new designs, and even Christmas ones, super prettyyy), and Amanda was complaining I'm giving her a headache as to which to use because she loves all of them! In the end, she decided on the rainbow fluffeh cat and panda in a teacup from the Fantasy Animal designs, which is also my favorite!!

They're so cute on her thumbs, super love it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gel Polish: Black-laced

Jia yan wants a simple set of nails that encompasses a black V-French with lace, and a crystal to top it off.

I used Harmony Gelish Desert Sands for the base, and then did the black V-French with AngelPro Gelly#29.

After that, I trimmed and pasted black lace stickers along the V-French.....

The crystals were then added, and the final look is very simple yet elegant, it would be suitable for brides that don't want the usual white-based designs!

Gel Polish: Aztec, checked!

Kaihan showed me a couple of designs prior to her appointment, but ended up choosing this Aztec design that she got from Instagram!

She wanted a similar color scheme, and since I didn't have the "blurple" color as seen, I decided to mix it up!

I used AngelPro Gelly #47 for the white base, then I mixed AngelPro Gelly #25(blue) and #12(lilac) to get the blurple color. The details are done with AngelPro Gelly #29(black), #41(pink).

I modified the designs slightly since Kaihan's nails are smaller, but the general design is similar when you compare with the original picture! One final picture!

I would love to attempt SupaNails Aztec designs the next time I have the chance to!

Gel Polish: Melissa gets Wild!

Melissa returns for her third visit with me, this time for a very different look from the last time! She wanted a "swag" look since she was going to have a photoshop for her blog shops and the theme is swag/rocker chic. I sent her this photo I have saved a couple of days ago (wanted to do for myself!) and she was super excited for it!

I modified the design slightly as she had to rush off for her next appointment(hair!!), and this is my version!

I used AngelPro Gelly#29(black), #4(nude) for the base, and harmony Gelish Waterfield for the glitter!

The set is very wild rocker chic, thus the title! I did a similar set for myself after doing it for her, and so far, I'm rocking it!(I think, lol!)

Gel Polish: Mr & Mrs Movember

When booking for her appointment, Suki wanted to have Aztec prints that I have done for Fiona a few weeks ago. However, she changed her mind just before the appointment as its the month of Movember! For those of you that don't know, Movember is an annual, month-long event during November(hence the name), to raise awareness of prostate cancer in general! Thus it seems apt to do this set!

I have done a similar set before on another customer's pedicure session, and the original art is inspired from Nail Art Express! We made some modifications this time round, and I really love it! The quirkiness and simplicity of the set!

I used AngelPro Gelly #4 for the base color, #29(black) and #47(white) for the art. I had to go over the black portion twice to make it "blacker", which is a common problem for black gel polish; they're never opaque enough with 1 coat!

Mr & Mrs!

Mrs has her set of Peter Pan collar design, as well as lace design on the rest of the fingers.

While Mr has his Tux design, with simple stripes on the rest!

I really love this set, how about you?

Gel Polish: Got Milk?

Jeanne initially booked the appointment wanting to pamper her nails for her company's DND, with the theme of Candyland!

However, she ended up deciding she wants to have her favorite animal on her nails, and yes, it's cows! She showed me a couple of pictures, and I mixed and matched the designs to get this final look!

I used AngelPro Gelly #39 for the light pink base, #30 for the chocolate brown spots and outlines, #25 for the blue labels! The colors come together very well, making the whole set super duper sweet! And, I really like the milk carton design, so cute!

She decided she wanted to "bling" the set, and finally decided on this shiny bow on the thumbs!

One last picture of this adorable set!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Galactic Explosion

Joanne saw the galaxy nails I did for myself quite some time ago and decided that she wants them too!

She wasn't fussy about any particular galaxy design so I just did them randomly!

It was fun doing it, and I'm glad she liked them!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gel Polish: Fly away.....

Fiona came back with her previous set mostly intact (aztec nails!)...and her nails managed to grow longer this time round too!

Initially, Fiona made the appointment to remove her previous set as well a just have a classic French manicure so as to rest her nails for the upcoming festive season....But after some chatting, she decided to go for gelish!

At the same time, I introduced her to the newly launched Gelish Vitagel, a nail strengthener gel base coat that you can too up at $4 for your gelish manicure!

So....while removing her previous set, she showed me what she would like to do, a simple yet cute set! I have seen it on various platforms before, and it doesn't have watermark, so it shall be credited to the Internet! If it happens to be your design, do let me know so that I can credit you accordingly (:

And this is it! I love it! Super cute design that I wouldn't mind having on my own nails!!!

I used AngelPro Gelly #11(blue) for the base, and #29(black), #47(white) and mixed them for the grey!

And Fiona was sweet enough to send a thank you email when she got home! I can't wait for our next session too!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Gel Polish: Melissa's Kate Spade color-inspired nails!

After some re-schedulings to the original appointments, Melissa finally could make it to her second appointment! Super busy bee who was always kept at work till late hours thus the long period between her first and second visit!

So anyway......I went on to remove her previous set (which were all intact on her despite being on her nails for what.......6-7 weeks omg the horror lol) while she browsed through the magazines! She decided on a set found in the magazine but because I don't have silver glitters, we kept to pink and orange for all of the toes!

And.... this is the result! Super cheery set, and she named it a Kate-Spade color-inspired set of nails :P

I added a crystal of each of the small toes, and a bunch of crystals and gold glitter line to half the big toe! I love the color combination! I used Angel Pro Gelly #23 (pink), #18 (orange) and #47 (white) for the whole look!

Then I worked on her nails, which we decided to keep to a similar theme to match them! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen them! Marbling/Tie-Dye effect on alternate nails! 

I realised I was "neater" with the effects on her left hand after everything was done and irreversible.... ): Inconsistency on my part!

And one more to end the post with! Her ring fitted the nails nicely as well! 

Gel Polish: Bunnies x Ribbons

It's Amanda's first visit, and also her first Gelish manicure! She was super excited and couldn't decide on a design but of course we did choose one in the end!

A super sweet and girly design, ribbons on pink and white stripes! I used Harmony Gelish Desert Sands for the base, and AngelPro Gelly #39(light pink) and #47(white) for the stripes. This was modified from a design elsewhere, but we switched it to a half tip design so that nail growth won't be as obvious!

And then, bunnies! *squeals* Super cute! I layered mushrooms and added another ribbon on the top of the bunny's ears....heh!

I will never be able to draw such details, super glad I can offer Sha Nail Pro stickers for my customers with the wide range of stickers!

Gel Polish: Trapped in flowers

Melissa came back after her first visit with a design already in mind this time! She loves flowers and this time, we did hand drawn flowers, clusters and frames!

I used Angel Pro Gelly #12 (light purple) for the base, #21 (pink), #25 (blue) and #47(white) for the flowers, #10 (green) for the leaves.

After finishing, I mentioned that the thumb looks a bit empty with the frame, and suggested putting a simple sticker. She ended up choosing this bird in a cage and it looks super cute and sad at the same time, thus the title!

The sticker is from Sha Nail Pro Japan, super thin and super realistic! I went for the workshop previously and yes, Everyday I'm Polishing is a certified Sha Nail Pro Salon! I will be collecting new designs next week, which consist of pretty Christmas designs (snow flakes and such)! your appointment to get these super pretty stickers on your nails!!

Gel Polish: Keep Rollin'

Joei's mum, Jen, came for an appointment after seeing Joei's pretty nails! Joei is a customer of Nail Art Express, and had dropped by once previously!

So Jen did her homework and knew what she wanted to do exactly....or rather she narrowed down to 2 different designs. In the end, she chose the Rolling Stones design that Nail Art Express did previously! Super hip mummy we have here!

Here's my take!

I did not have the same colors and had to use alternative colors! I was nearly holding my breath while doing the lips with the tongue because it's super important to get it right!

What do you think! Jen was a very patient customer and super hip....she even went to the recent Big Bang concert, a K-fan indeed!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tutorial: Angel Pro Gelly & Plaids

This is an exciting post for you, as I have a mini step-by-step tutorial on using Angel Pro Gelly Polish complete with pictures! If you have been following me, I first started providing Gel Polish services in August, and I decided to invest in Angel Pro Gelly Polishes for my customers! I fell in love with using these instead of the other common brands, and it's no surprise, because Angel Pro Gelly Polishes prove to be reliable.

So what is it about Angel Pro Gelly Polishes that make me so in love with them, you may ask....and my answer will be, everything about them!

1)  They have a wide range of colors now as I'm typing this! Their initial launch consist of 47 colors, of which includes pretty pastel colors which the other brands are lacking in.

As of today, they have released another 100 new shades, packed of glitters and shimmers and metallics! Check out this color chart! Super drool-worthy!

2) It is 100% gel; colors are much more opaque and dense. You can get away with 2 coats for full opacity for most colors, and brilliant for nail art so you don't have to worry about unclear lines anymore!

3) It does not contain any of the harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish; Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. Super safe to use!

4) Quick and easy application! There is no need to apply a dehydrator, or "PH Bond" like other brands before applying base coat. There is also no need to remove shine from the nails with harsh nail files; buff gently with Angel Pro Buffer! All these, means that the Angel Pro Gelly base coat has incomparable bonding ability!

5) Easy removal! There is no need to file off Angel Pro Gelly Shine, just soak-off straight away in 5-10 minutes without damage to your nails!

6) Last but not least, super important point...... The colors do not fade at all even after 3-4 weeks of wear! Unlike certain colors from Harmony Gelish which have a problem of fading after a few days.....

Are you excited about Angel Pro Gelly Polishes yet?! Let's move onto the step-by-step tutorial for using the Angel Pro Gelly Polish system, and I have also included a simple art tutorial using Angel Pro Gelly Polishes as well!

Before using the Angel Pro Gelly Polish system, you'll have to prep your nails first! Shape them, buff them, push back your cuticles, and clean the nails with Acetone!

1. With Angel Pro buffer, lightly buff the surface of the nails to allow better adhesion for the gel!

2. Apply a layer of Angel Pro GELLY BASE on the prepped nails.

3. Cure in a LED light for 10-30 secs, or 2 minutes for 36W UV light.

4. Apply an even layer of Angel Pro Gelly Polish on to the entire nail. Avoid touching the skin! I have used GP10, a bright shade of green for my nail model here. Cure in the LED/UV light again.

5. Apply a second layer if required to reach full opacity and cure!

6. Nail art time! I used a striping brush for the art to create the lines, invest in them to create straight lines! As well as, remember to cure each layer of nail art before adding on the next layer!

7. After your nail art is completed, apply a layer of Angel Pro Gelly Shine for long lasting and beautiful shine! Similarly, cure in the LED/UV light.

8. Finally, dampen a cotton pad or a lint-free wipe with Angel Pro Gel Cleanser and clean the nail with the cotton pad/lint-free wipe to remove the sticky residue on the nail surface!

9. And your nails are now ready! Apply cuticle oil around the cuticle area to moisturize! Pretty nails!

  Tweak the colors and you can have endless possibilities!

I hope the tutorial has been helpful! If you want to find out more, you can visit the Angel Pro website, or you can contact my Nail school (who is the official local distributor)!