Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gel Polish: Bridal slant-french with pearls

Weezi wanted to keep her set of bridal nails simple, so I suggested a simple slant-french lined with silver glitter and pearls on top. She decided on having the French in pink to match her gown, and it turns out looking very sweet!

I used Harmony Desert Sands for the shimmery nude base color, and AngelPro Gelly #39 for the pink french, finally lining the french with a shiny silver from Brite.

I recommended adding an accent nail with 2 sizes of pearls covering the whole nail, and she readily agreed! It was a design from Nail Art Express. The original design was a half moon, but Weezi has a smaller canvas for me to work with, so we went for the look on the whole nail. As for the thumb, we decided on this ribbon made with pearls to complete the whole look!

I think the whole set oozes elegance! It's simple yet classy, very sweet!

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