Monday, November 5, 2012

Gel Polish: Melissa's Kate Spade color-inspired nails!

After some re-schedulings to the original appointments, Melissa finally could make it to her second appointment! Super busy bee who was always kept at work till late hours thus the long period between her first and second visit!

So anyway......I went on to remove her previous set (which were all intact on her despite being on her nails for what.......6-7 weeks omg the horror lol) while she browsed through the magazines! She decided on a set found in the magazine but because I don't have silver glitters, we kept to pink and orange for all of the toes!

And.... this is the result! Super cheery set, and she named it a Kate-Spade color-inspired set of nails :P

I added a crystal of each of the small toes, and a bunch of crystals and gold glitter line to half the big toe! I love the color combination! I used Angel Pro Gelly #23 (pink), #18 (orange) and #47 (white) for the whole look!

Then I worked on her nails, which we decided to keep to a similar theme to match them! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen them! Marbling/Tie-Dye effect on alternate nails! 

I realised I was "neater" with the effects on her left hand after everything was done and irreversible.... ): Inconsistency on my part!

And one more to end the post with! Her ring fitted the nails nicely as well! 

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  1. Really love this set! How much would the gelish manicure cost for this design? Seriously considering making an appointment!

    Thanks!! :)