Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gel Polish: Fly away.....

Fiona came back with her previous set mostly intact (aztec nails!)...and her nails managed to grow longer this time round too!

Initially, Fiona made the appointment to remove her previous set as well a just have a classic French manicure so as to rest her nails for the upcoming festive season....But after some chatting, she decided to go for gelish!

At the same time, I introduced her to the newly launched Gelish Vitagel, a nail strengthener gel base coat that you can too up at $4 for your gelish manicure!

So....while removing her previous set, she showed me what she would like to do, a simple yet cute set! I have seen it on various platforms before, and it doesn't have watermark, so it shall be credited to the Internet! If it happens to be your design, do let me know so that I can credit you accordingly (:

And this is it! I love it! Super cute design that I wouldn't mind having on my own nails!!!

I used AngelPro Gelly #11(blue) for the base, and #29(black), #47(white) and mixed them for the grey!

And Fiona was sweet enough to send a thank you email when she got home! I can't wait for our next session too!

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