Friday, November 30, 2012

Gel Polish: My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie

Yvonne mentioned that she couldn't decide between doing aztec designs, little twin star, or my little pony nail art when she booked the appointment.

On the day of appointment, she quickly decided on MLP because she really likes them, and wanted Rainbow Dash, and either Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie! We decided on Pinkie Pie in the end because of the cuter color scheme, and I took reference from a picture that my sister happened to saved on my iPad!

All the art are done with AngelPro Gelly Polishes, and I used a lot of them!

For the Rainbow Dash set, I used #25(blue) for the base color, #9(yellow), #10(green), #17(purple), #35(red), #29(black), #47(white) for the remaining art.

For the Pinkie Pie set, I used #39(light pink) for the base color, #21(pink) for the hair, #23(hot pink) for outlines. #9(yellow), #29(black), #47(white), #25(blue) for the rest of the art.

It's a really cute set, and I'm glad Yvonne liked how it turned out. I took a longer time for the head of Pinkie Pie because of the layers! But overall I was quite pleased with my speed, yay!

Now....who's up for the remaining 3 ponies? :P

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