Monday, November 26, 2012

Gel Polish: Happy Spots!

Amanda came to remove her previous set with the bunny mostly intact on her thumb and ribbons all still pretty on the rest of the fingers! This time, she decided to do a design based on Nail Art Express's September nail wheel!

The original design was done on a nude base with a pastel color scheme for the spots, however Amanda doesn't like nude, this I switched to a white base for her with "pop" colors for the spots (hence the title!).

I used AngelPro Gelly #47 (white) for the base, #9 (yellow), #11 (blue), #23 (pink) for the spots and lined them with #30 (brown). Then I used black acrylic paint for the lace details.

I pulled out my collection of Sha Nail Stickers (it has been updated with new designs, and even Christmas ones, super prettyyy), and Amanda was complaining I'm giving her a headache as to which to use because she loves all of them! In the end, she decided on the rainbow fluffeh cat and panda in a teacup from the Fantasy Animal designs, which is also my favorite!!

They're so cute on her thumbs, super love it!

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