Monday, November 5, 2012

Gel Polish: Trapped in flowers

Melissa came back after her first visit with a design already in mind this time! She loves flowers and this time, we did hand drawn flowers, clusters and frames!

I used Angel Pro Gelly #12 (light purple) for the base, #21 (pink), #25 (blue) and #47(white) for the flowers, #10 (green) for the leaves.

After finishing, I mentioned that the thumb looks a bit empty with the frame, and suggested putting a simple sticker. She ended up choosing this bird in a cage and it looks super cute and sad at the same time, thus the title!

The sticker is from Sha Nail Pro Japan, super thin and super realistic! I went for the workshop previously and yes, Everyday I'm Polishing is a certified Sha Nail Pro Salon! I will be collecting new designs next week, which consist of pretty Christmas designs (snow flakes and such)! your appointment to get these super pretty stickers on your nails!!

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