Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gel Polish: Ruffles & Laces

Esther requested for this set that Ying from Nail Art Express did on her July Nail Wheel

The design is the set of laces and ruffles on the bottom left of the collage above. My heart sank a little when I knew about it, because I didn't practice beforehand, and it's a lot of intricate details! I was super worried that I couldn't do a good enough job as well..... But I bit the bullet and went with it! 

Esther only wanted the designs on three of her fingers on each hand, and the rest of the fingers to be kept simple. This is my take on it. She chose 3 pastel colors from the Angel Pro Gelly Polish range, and I mixed them up as such. 

Looking at the pictures now, I definitely have to work on making the ruffles more realistic!! The plain nails seem, pretty plain as well now that I look at them too ): 

One last picture! Art was done with black and white acrylic paint, while the colors used are Angel Pro Gelly Polishes #12 (purple), #14 (grey), #39 (pink).


  1. Hi Jenrine,

    Jz saw your blog from Ying's site. I think you did a wonderful job on the art for your first time considering my narrow nailbed and I love em. My only complaints >.< are that the nails with art could've been alternated with the plainer looking nails instead of being grouped together and some nails the application was a tad streaky and not opaque enough. Other than that I do love the art a lot and think you did a really wonderful job for a first attempt :)

    1. Hi Esther!
      Thanks for your feedback! I know, I totally should have alternated the plain nails ): No idea what came over me.... Well, meanwhile, bear with them okay? :D Thanks for dropping by too!