Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bridal Nails: Jenny's Photo-shoot nails

Jenny dropped by the night before her wedding photoshoot to get her nails ready! 

Initially, Jenny was planning to do her nails with gel polish. However when she reached, she mentioned that her nails feel really thin and weak as she didn't remove her previous set of gel polish the proper way (she actually peeled them off!!!), so she decided to do on normal polish instead! 

Just a warning to everyone! Don't peel your gel polish off as you may peel off part of your natural nail off at the same time. This will weaken your nail and in the long run, very harmful! Always remove them the proper way by soaking off, or visiting a salon! 

So anyway, Jenny sent me a few pictures as to how she wants her nails to be like, and to sum it up, they have to be bling and have flowers! She will be wearing a simple white gown, hence we decided to up the glam on her nails! 

I used OPI Passion as the base, and then OPI Servin'Up Sparkle for the glittery tips, and China Glaze Fairy Dust over the whole nail for a shimmery look! 

Jenny decided to alternate the design with the sweet looking cream roses and crystals! 

I love the set very much, super shiny and pretty! I can't wait to do her wedding nails in December already! 

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