Friday, July 27, 2012

Gel Polish: Star Wars

It was my second day at Ying's place working, and it has been such an enjoyable experience! I get a little nervous when I learn that nail art is requested as I have no idea what the customers are expecting from me; my detailed art is nowhere near Ying and I have problems visualizing concepts at times.

Analise, who's a movie buff (learnt about that while chatting), requested for Star Wars inspired nails this time round. She was the lady behind The Dark Knight Rises inspired nails over at Nail Art Express previously! Before the appointment, she sent in the designs as seen in the collage below.

Basically, she's looking at the Star Wars logo, Darth Vadar, Storm Trooper, Light Sabers crossing and R2-D2. Inspiration taken from Chelseasgetnailed as well!

I actually forgot to take the thumb, but here are the rest of them!

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