Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some announcement, and a promo!

Finally, I will be providing gel polish manicure services as well! If you have noticed on my newly updated service menu, you will notice that I have added the service in sneakily! There are some pricing adjustments as well, and they are all valid as of today (: 

As a promotion, instead of the usual price of $30 for gel polish manicure, Mynte Fingers and myself will be offering 2 at $55 only at Scape flea this Saturday! As we all know, slots at the flea are super packed, so book your appointments early to avoid disappointment! 

I will try to blog more from now on, but with my hectic school timetable...... Oh yes! I forgot to mention, I am currently a Diploma student at Pink Room Nail Academy! I have already finished the bulk of my lessons, and thus, more services have been added into my service menu, like embossed art! However, I am still learning, so do pardon my work! I will try to update my learning journey as well, if time allows......

Okay, see you guys on Saturday! (:

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