Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aztec craze

Aztec designs are very popular among my customers, next to floral! A reference provided by a customer as seen here, and here are my versions, slightly modified and different color schemes chosen by customers! 

This customer requested for a pale purple base color, which I used China Glaze Sweet Hook. She also requested for black/white color scheme alternating with pastel color scheme! This manicure took me some time due to the precision, and all 10 nails had different variations to them. 

Her nails are not particularly long, but I managed to squeeze and adjust accordingly and make modifications along the way. Overall, I am quite happy with the final look, but the lines can be more crisp and precise I guess! 

This other customer requested to alternate aztec design with ribbons, a feminine rocker feel in a way? I used OPI Mermaid's Tears as the base color for the aztec nails, and China Glaze Dance Baby for the ribbon nails. Her nails were rather long and I could work on a slightly more complicated design on them! Both the nails on her index fingers broke, explaining the short nails ): 

Aztec is still a trend now, and looks like it will stay for quite a while! I look forward to doing more of them in future! 

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