Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Paris?

Hello everyone, I'm back! After a grueling month of exams and studying, I'm finally free! (for now)
So yay, I'm gonna be back FULL FORCE to make your nails pretty!

So I had 2 customers who chose the Paris Eiffel Tower design that was on Mynt's nailwheel, and I tried my best to replicate the design. I promise I will do a better mock up soon!

This is a very sweet combination, classic pink, white and black, which goes very nicely together! A very simple Eiffel Tower design here, along with simple lace and polka dot designs on the rest of the nails! I think the pink and white stripes makes them look like a wallpaper design, I would love to have a wall with such decals! 

This is a funkier version, with a mix requested by the customer! This customer always like to have a variety of designs on her nails, no exception this time round! With a light blue background this time, there is a mix of simple aztec, dots and lines, and rainbow with a star on the thumb! I think the whole combination is very funky and cheerful, fitting for her personality! 

I will be blogging more often, so do check back, and if you haven't, do like my Facebook Page to be notified of any latest updates! (:

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