Monday, April 23, 2012

Just a short one....

Please bear with the lack of posts here as I am preparing for my exams that will only end nearing the end of May ):

Here are some nails that I did recently!

This customer left the choice to her friend, and her friend chose this! At first I was really nervous about it, because I haven't done this design for a very very long time, plus I haven't been doing nail art for a while! So I was really worried that the outcome will turn out crappy.....But, I think it looks fairly decent, right? :P
We decided on a nude base, OPI Tickle My Francely (super popular color, go get it!), and black lace! I took my time doing the design, and luckily my customer was not in a rush!

Ruby came to my place for SOS the other day! She's starting her new job on Wednesday, thus the choice of subtle colors to not attract attention! She decided on a nude base with thin gold tips! I used OPI Tickle My France-ly and Orly Luxe for the tips! As for her thumbs, I did a mix of pink and purple floral border! They don't really match together do they? ): Well, hope you have a great start at your new job on Wednesday RUBY! <3

Tiffy sent me 2 different photos before our appointments, and then decided on the Monster Inc nails! This is the picture she has sent me for reference:
As Tiffy's nails were much smaller, we decided to keep it simple with the green & blue monsters alternating on the fingers, and keep the logo on the thumb! What do you think? To be honest, I have not watched this movie before, so I was looking at all this for the first time! 

Do take note that I will not be taking in any appointments for MAY, due to exams. But, don't forget about me! I will be back in JUNE :D

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