Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bridal nails!

My secondary school classmate, Sharon, is going to get married this June! :D :D :D
It's such an exciting news, yet a daunting one as well, because it only means I am getting!

So anyway, when my sweet friend Sharon, got wind of me providing manicure services, immediately contacted me to help her do her nails! I am absolutely flattered, and honored for this chance because I am still a newbie in this scene!

I racked my brains and looked up designs on magazines and online, trying to find one to fit her! All I know is, there should be some pink, and florals will be good! After a day of researching, these were what I came up with for her to choose! Some were inspired from fellow nail technicians like Felicia, Ying, Junying, but I will say the inspirations came from everywhere, I can't pinpoint who exactly either!

I did 10 of them, and let her choose for herself. Frankly speaking, it's for her wedding photoshoot, and she has 3 different outfits, so I wanted to keep it simple yet classy, with florals because it is her style....

So, here's the final look!

Florals on white base on her thumb, and that as french tips on the rest of the fingers! I then bling-ed up the whole look with Swarovski crystals! I like the overall look very much, very feminine, simple, and very Sharon! I hope she agrees....LOL

And a closer look! 

Well, that does it for her photoshoot, I will have to rack my head for some pretty nails for her on her wedding day! :D

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