Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More of them polish rings!

Oh LOOK, someone has been hardworking! :D
I have been making some more new batches of polish rings, and here are some HOT FRESH pictures of them! :D

If you're new to polish rings, let me give you a QUICK recap! 
Polish rings are handmade rings, created with nail polish and glass beads, as well as the ring base! With polish rings, you can accessorize yourself up the pretty effects amplified via them!

All the rings are handmade, and take time! We do take in customized orders, do give us some time to upload our polish stash list for you to choose from okay! :D

We have 4 different types of settings:
20mm (bronze) ROUND
18mm by 25mm (bronze) OVAL
25mm (bronze) ROUND
25mm (silver) ROUND

They are all priced at $10 inclusive of normal postage.
Registered postage will be at a top up of $2! 

We are having a 20% PROMO this month (APRIL)!
Just quote "ilovepolishring" in your email to us, and you will be entitled to that! 

*Take note that we do not recommend you to wear the rings to shower/swimming.*

OKAY, enough of my ramblings, here are some new rings I have made! 

Candy Girl Shatter in the Snow - 20mm Round setting
There are 3 different nail polishes involved in this ring, exciting? LOL. 
Not only there's the rock effect from the shatter, there's also color shift as you can see from the collage! 
From yellow/green to pink/purple to blue! 

Space Cadet - 20mm Round setting
Orly Space Cadet is a highly sought after polish, and you can see why from the collage!
The color shift is amazing, I couldn't keep my eyes off from the ring! 

Luxe & Lush in the Dark - 20mm Round setting
Wow, look at that, it's my favourite flakies! 
And not just any flakies, we have ourselves color-shifting flakies! 
It kind of reminds me of glass shards due to the shape of the flakes, and the color shift makes it even more amazing! This looks like what Katniss will approve of! 

Clairvoyant on the Road - 25mm Bronze Round setting
Unicorn Puke, do I have to say more? 

Dorothy's Firework - 20mm Round setting
Now, this is a special one. The polish used here is a franken made by yours truly! 
At one sight, it looks like an ordinary polish of red glitter with a blackened base...BUT oh look there's more! 
It's color shifting, and different sizes of glitter! I named the polish, Vampire's Potion, simply because. LOL

Mermaid's Dream - 20mm Round setting
Ahhhh, the newly released shade by Deborah Lippman. If you feel that it is too expensive to own the shade, why not get the polish ring? (:

Gone Gonzo for Audrey - 20mm Round setting
Glitters, who don't love them? Especially on the polish ring, where all pretty effects of the glitter get amplified and the whole ring just BLINGS. 

So, that's all from this super lengthy post (what a surprise right lol) ! 
Email me at, or you can leave a comment! 


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  1. Item 1: coveted OPI Rainbow Connection with a black base!
    Setting: 20mm Round setting

    Item 2: Dorothy's Firework
    Setting: 20mm Round setting

    Promo: ilovepolishring

    Name: Suet Ying