Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a quick one...

I'm busy with school/exams these days, so do bear with me if you don't see any updates okay! Trying to squeeze in time to make more pretty polish rings, and also for flea too if I manage....and when I find the extra time, I paint my nails! 

I don't usually leave my nails bare and naked unless I'm absolutely tired, or I can't find any colors (which is crazy when I have a drawer of untrieds waiting for me....horrible I know). 

So I bought a bunch of Zoyas, and I love their formula! It's so easy, plus it's 4-Free for some of you out there who are concerned...For the rest who don't really care like me, it's a bonus I guess?

I wore these for 2 days, and there were NO chipping. Do I hear a YAY? Just to let you know, I try to change every day if I don't have any nail art on, thus I am not careful with my nails at all! I use my nails to open cans, wash stuffs and so on! So, it is an achievement if there's no chipping even after 2 days! I am a big lover of GREEN, and shimmer. So this shade, Yara, is really the shade for me. Look at the golden shimmer in it under the sun! It's just plain awesome!!!

And then on another day, I alternated China Glaze Gothic Lolita and Urban Night on my nails! After about 4 hours, I couldn't stand them looking so plain and I took out my trusty Art Clubs and ta-dah! 

The heart on the thumb was an afterthought because I couldn't decide what other combination of stripes I can do on! 

I saw this design on Instagram and decided to replicate it on my own nails! OPI Chocolate Moose as base, and I actually had that on for a day! It's not a perfect nude, but it served its purpose I guess? After I got home from school, I took out China Glaze Aquadelic for the diagonal stripes, brushed China Glaze Fairy Dust over for the sparkles, and then did leopard spots with China Glaze Kinetic Candy and Art Club in Black! There you go, the final look.....

I liked this design very much, and it lasted on me for about 3 days before I changed it. I am thinking of replicating in again, but in another loud color combination....keep a look out for it yea? 

Then, I got to hear about Topshop Unique prints! It looks pretty cool to me, but I don't think I will really want to wear outfits with such prints, it's too loud for me. I'm a basics person oops! 

This is how the prints look like! 


And, this is the print on my nails! 

I tried to make the prints less cluttered so that you can see them actually! I got quite a bit of compliments for this set of nails, and 2 ladies actually requested to do this particular set of nails after seeing them too! I don't usually go for black/white nails combi; they look too stark to me. But I guess the prints make it easier to accept, and it goes in line with the tribal/aztec trend nowadays too?

Then I posted on Twitter a few days back, trying to decide between Smurfs, Chopper, or Pororo nails! Most voted for Chopper, and here is the final look!

I was really worried and wanted to do it well! There are imperfections here and there, but I did them at 2 in the morning, so do cut me some slack please! T.T
I used OPI Passion as the base color, so that my nails have a pinkish hue to it,while still looking pretty natural? Everything else was done with acrylic colors and my trusty brush because I don't trust myself with polish lol! I hope I did Chopper justice here! Skin tone is slightly off because I did not bother to mix up a beige and just went with Passion...Lazy me oops!

So here you are, a showcase of some of my own manicures done! I post quite regularly on Facebook, do like me so that you can be more updated! Plus, I am planning something when I reach 200 likes..... :D
Or if you have instagram, my username is jenrine (lol how original right?), where I post even more regularly!

Thank you for reading through the whole post, it's really really long hur? Haha!

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