Monday, January 7, 2013

Gel Polish: Take Flight

Wendy has already decided on the nail art she wants for her manicure prior to the appointment; butterfly wings with gradient base. This is a design that has been floating around the Internet for the longest while, but I have ever done it before!

Wendy's nails are pretty long and slim, so I had to resize the design to fit it on her nails. First I did the gradient base by sponging AngelPro Gelly #23(pink), then #35(red), #9(yellow), and lastly #10(green). Then I did the black outline with #27 and random white spots with #47!

As for the thumb, they were super shiny! We did a sheer glittery base, and then I stuck on super pretty and shiny disco balls from Eriko (brand from Japan that Ying brought back!) in different colors! I love it! (I'm such a magpie sometimes.....)

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