Monday, January 7, 2013

Gel Polish: Cinnamoroll Love

Olivia sent me pictures of cinnamoroll prior to the appointment, requesting the theme to be on sync to the phone covers! They look so adorable, right?!

Drawing them prove to be a little tough, because of the proportions... I hope they're recognizable!

I used AngelPro Gelly #21 (pink) as the base color on the thumb and ring finger, Gelish Desert Sands and then AngelPro Gelly #47(white) for the scallop tips. Then I lined them with dots, using #72 (pink), #73 (purple) and #75(blue).

Then #143 (dark blue) for the outlines of hearts and ribbons and cinnamoroll! it took a while for the thumbs to be completed due to the layers for drawing...

I like them! How about you?

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