Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dingxuan's visit!

Initially, Dingxuan wanted to do acrylic extensions on her right hand (all 5 fingers) because somehow those are always shorter than her left hand! But I decided to just do a full set so that it will be more uniform!

I spent about 2.5 hours on the whole set of extensions, all sculptured! Not totally perfect, ):
Anyway, Dingxuan couldn't decide on a design, so I suggested doing gradient nails (similar to her toes!), and added some studs and crystals on top! I especially love the heart made up of black crystals, super outstanding on the gradient base. I used AngelPro #111(nude), #74 (light blue), #144 (dark blue) for the gradient base.

For her pedi, I did a simple gradient with OPI Passion and Orly Royal, and then added OPI Last Friday Night for extra glitter! Added some embellishments on the big toes, very royal indeed :P

Dingxuan also did a spa pedi this time round, which consists of super hydrating heated foot mask that leaves her feet baby soft and smooth! I have yet to add this onto the current service menu, so do look out for it!

Looking forward to our next session!

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