Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Melissa's Gel Mani: Turn your Swag on

I introduced this app "Girls Pic" to Melissa, which got her really spoilt for choice! This app is really amazing, it is like Instagram but already categorized so you don't have to trawl through hash tags!

So anyway, this particular mani caught her eye, even though its not really her style! Melissa is a really chirpy and bubbly girl, but the neat style got to her, and she wanted the set to be matte like the original set too!

Oh I forgot to mention, that her previous mani lasted her really well with the crystals all intact!

So this is my first encounter with houndstooth, so pardon the imperfections ): I drew the design based on the picture, should have referred to a proper houndstooth picture instead for better accuracy!

I used AngelPro #29 (black) and #47 (white), super clean look!

After the design was done, and checking with Melissa that she really want the set to be matte, I sealed the design with this matte top coat I got recently.

Gotta love the overall effect, looks leathery, super swag! I will consider doing this for myself, with the crystals!

How do you like this? (:

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