Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CNY Day 2

Only 2 customers for today as well, not too near CNY yet that's why! These 2 ladies are super cute and nice, I  enjoyed myself doing their nails!

Huiyi, is a Primary School classmate of my friend, and decided to get her nails done by me because of my friend's great advert on Facebook! (Thanks Ruby!) She told me beforehand that she wants floral prints, and that she likes cats alot, and wanted to incorporate them onto her nails. I have never done any cat nail art before, and didn't really have time to research and came up with this. Not my best piece of work, but it is cute enough I hope! 
I decided to do a floral mix on her nails, as well as couple cats on her ring fingers. It turned out cute and look very suitable for Vday as well! This photo was taken from her FB, after she kindly took the photos as I forgot to take for her earlier. (So much for wanting to remember to take photos.....)

Her friend came with a Tumblr pic of leopard print nails, with the thumb having matte prints. I told her honestly that matte nails will not be as lasting and get dirty easily, so she decided to switch to gold glitter spots with a pinkish-nude base! On her thumbs are grey-glittery moustache on a dark velvet red base. She just wanted something not as loud on her thumb to tone it down! Of course, I forgot to take her thumbs, so here are the rest of her fingers! 
Very blings, I hope it will work well with her CNY outfit! 

They are both very sweet customers who allowed me some freedom in choosing the design and colors as such, and making it very easy for me to work on their nails! 

Tomorrow will be a long day with appointments starting as early as 2pm! Shall turn in now, so long! (:

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