Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CNY Day 1!

I only have 2 appointments today as I did not want to open slots initially. Normal polish will not last so long until CNY, so I had to warn my customers as well as share some tips with them on how to make normal polish a little bit more lasting.

They are 2 very cute girls who are going into NYP this year! First up, this girl has been wanting to do Elmo on her nails since the flea a dew days ago but couldn't due to me being busy ): She finally got Elmo on her thumbs today, and decided to choose a girly design so as to match her CNY outfits better I guess?

 A lot of girls requested for the ribbon/polka dot mix when I was at NYP as well, I did about 4-5 sets of this nail art over 2 days I guess? 

 A closer look on Elmo! And they're peeking at each other! *This is a song, la-la-la-la, Elmo songgggg*

Her friend was debating whether to do, and finally caved in to this very sweet and cute design. She has very very tiny nails, so I had to make everything smaller to better fit her nails! The original base color on my swatch was turquoise-green, and she switched to a pastel yellow instead. I think it looks very sweet like this, and suit her personality in a way from the short period I interacted with her!

Isn't this cute? Her nails are about half of mine and I have not done such small nails with such designs since my cousins as well! It was a bit of a challenge! 

I have a few customers actually cancelling their appointments 1-2 days prior to it. This makes me feel a bit "cheated", because I have rejected other customers due to your appointments. I'm wondering if I should also adopt a deposit method like many others to prevent such unnecessary disruptions to my schedule.... I will see about it!

Time to sleep! I have added some new floral designs, will post about them tomorrow or so! (:

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