Thursday, February 9, 2012

CNY Day 3

Oops! Apologies for the lack of posts and updates!
Onto the third day, which is approximately 4 days away from CNY! 

This customer wanted to do Hello Kitty french tips at first, because she's a big HK fan! However she was concerned that her nails are too short, and that the Hello Kitty will not look as outstanding! I suggested for her to do a full face on the thumb for Hello Kitty, and rainbow polka dots on the rest of her fingers! The outcome was really cute! 

Bengyee loves pink alot, and she's also a floral person! We decided on a floral tape design on her thumbs, and floral tips for the rest of her fingers! The outcome was very girl-y, and very suitable for CNY as well at the same time! 

Weiyu actually sent me pictures of some aztec nail designs before this, and we ended up doing a mix of designs for all! We went for a pastel look, and I am most satisfied with the design on the thumb! Aztec is becoming a popular trend, especially among my younger customers! 

My last customer of the day, Theresa, is actually still a student and have lesson the next day! But she decided to do her nails because she wouldn't have time after! She just wanted something quirky, and we decided on a lime base with black moustache on her fingers, and a clock face on her thumb! 

There were 3 other customers that I did not manage to capture their designs, because as usual, I forgot. Not a good excuse I know...... Till the next!

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