Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CNY Day 5

It was a super packed day! But thank goodness most of the customers were early/on time, thus no delay in between! I had last minute cancellation of 2 customers as well, and they did not bother to inform me at all until it was time for their appointment. Very irresponsible because someone else could have booked the slots....

These girls rushed over from their last lesson at school to get their nails done! They pretty much had an idea of what they wanted thus it was fast! 

First up was Elmo and Cookie Monster! Base was Not like the Movies by OPI, and I love this color alot! 

Then the usual floral mix! 

And the ribbons with polka dot mix! In very festive colors if I may say! 

After them, I had a few customers, but I did not manage to capture their manicures ): It was mainly leopard prints with glittery spots and crystals, as well as a Tiffany ribbon nail art for another customer! *Slap myself for not taking photo ugh!*

These were my last customers of the day, a bunch of bubbly students! They had a hard time deciding, and one of them decided to just go ahead first! She decided on black giraffe spots on a hot pink base, and it ended up looking kind of like shatter effect! 

They browsed through my phone for designs, and decided to do aztec prints, with a slight change in the color choice! I actually enjoy doing aztec nail art alot, because there's endless possibilities! 

It was about 10 plus when they left, and then I had a super late lunch/dinner with my friends who popped by! Thanks Yuenyin and Yingying for helping out! (: 

It was a hectic pre-CNY manicure appointments, but I enjoyed myself tremendously!

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