Saturday, February 11, 2012

CNY Day 4

I am on a roll! All these posts are scheduled actually, so that I have new designs for you guys! (And so that Mynt will not judge me for being a bad blogger and not update enough LOL)

First customer of the day was Vanessa, who's actually the older sister of Theresa the day before! She actually did a set of sweet daisy flower set at one of the flea I was at, and this time round, she decided to go for the roses that she couldn't decide between the other time. She opted to have pink and white stripes for her index and ring finger as well, to prevent floral overdose!

Clara came next! She sent me a picture beforehand of a 3D acrylic ribbon on a tuxedo set. However I don't provide 3D, thus we settled for 2D ribbon instead! It turned out to be very sweet looking with the pink and white combo! On the rest of the fingers, we kept it simple and plain with 2 different shades of pink polka dots on white base! 

Jolene came with a friend to do nails! She was very excited before doing actually, but couldn't decide on the design so her friend went first! This customer loves leopard prints and loud colors, and decided to have an accent nail of hot pink Hello Kitty! They joked that it looks like a pirated Hello Kitty made in China....LOL! 
She was a joy to work with, and kept me entertained throughout the whole process! 

After looking at her friend's nails, Jolene decided to get the same set, but change the accent nails to ribbons on a bright orange base! Due to Fengshui, her mother has instructed her not to have blue, purple, and green colors on her nails, thus her leaves ended up to yellow.... Jolene's boyfriend happens to live nearby, and she promised to visit me often to do her nails! I'm glad she was happy with the end results! 
Both of them were a joy to work with, and after a long day, I didn't feel tired because of their constant chatter and jokes. Thanks girls! 

A last minute booking by Ruby's friend, Christine, who got convinced to do her nails after seeing Ruby's. She stays nearby as well, thus had no problem with the late timeslot, phew! She had a hard time deciding, and ended up doing alternate design on her fingers! After looking at the photos, the complex designs make her nails look very cluttered ): I should have advice her to get simpler designs to go with either! 

It was a hectic day, but fun nonetheless with all the ladies being on time and nice and friendly! 
Till the next! (:

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